You are one such Friend

Making a million friend is not a MIRACLE

The miracle is to make a FRIEND

who will stand by you when millions are against you

I am Glad that i have found you

You are one such Friend

Thanks for Being the beautiful part of my life :)


I wish i could

I wish i could hug you right now

But the distance will never allow

I feel like kissing you on the cheek

Being apart has made me weak

I wish i could hold your hand

I desperately hope you understand

How much i need you here

To stop my tears



Friends that make our world


Brother and sister friendship

As your Big Brother I will
Make believe Play dress up with you,
Let you be a princess,Tell stories in the dark
and Always be your friend


As your little sister I will
Build forts With you, shoot hoops With you
Let you teach me to skip rocks, Tell stories in the dark
and Always be your friend

We are not just best friends we’re also sisters

For many years we shared our lives

One roof we once lived under

Sometimes we laughed sometimes we cried

Through winter storms and thunder

The younger years have faded fast

We’ve gone our separate ways

but through all time our friendship lasts

Our bond in life remains

As summer brings the happy times

The autumn winds will whisper

A closer friend I’d never find

Than the one I call my Sister


Someone we can call a friend

God made the world with a heart full of love,
Then He looked down from Heaven above,

And saw that we all need a helping hand,
Someone to share with, who’ll understand.

He made special people to see us through
The glad times and the sad times, too;

A person on whom we can always depend,
Someone we can call a friend.

God made friends so we’ll carry a part
Of His perfect love in all our hearts.


When friendship is Born


No birth certificate is issued

when friendship is Born

There is nothing tangible

There is just a feeling that your life is different

and that your capacity to love and care

has miraculously been enlarged without any effort on your part

Do I Miss You ?





Yes, I do!
It’s Almost More Than
I Can “Bear”!


Angel Of A Friend


We might not be angels,
Or even claim to be.
Our wings may have fallen,
But on most things we agree.

You make me laugh
When I want to cry.
You stand by my side
When I don’t even want to try.

What would I do without you?
I really don’t want to know.
I value your friendship.
Even though at times it might not show.

Thank You For Always Being
An Angel Of A Friend !

Touch My Soul

Made My Day
You smile lightens my day
your laughter soothes my heart,
your walk rocks my world.
your words brightens my life,
and I want your hands to touch my soul.